Payment & Shipping Details

Payment methods

  • Transfer directly to our bank account. Please use the order number as the purpose. Your order will only be sent after the money has been received on our account.

  • After placing your order, you will receive an invoice from us. Please transfer the total amount to the account specified there within 14 days.

SPS Bank details

Bank1Saar Saarbrücken
IBAN:DE93 5919 0000 0106 1610 03

BNP Paribas Frankfurt
IBAN:DE08 3701 0600 5111 1511 51

Shipping details

Delivery times

Unless otherwise stated in the respective offer, the delivery of the goods in Germany (Germany) with DPD within 2-4 working days (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) after the conclusion of the contract (in case of agreed prepayment after the time of your payment instruction).

Please note that there is no delivery on Sundays and holidays.
If you have ordered items with different delivery times, we will ship the goods in one shipment, unless we have made other arrangements with you. In this case, the delivery time is determined by the item with the longest delivery time that you ordered.

From a net goods value of 500 € you get your goods in the domestic market (Germany) even withfree shipping.
The calculation of shipping costs is done by observing the following details:

Dependence on the length

    • From a length of > 1750 mm, a long goods charge of € 10 will be levied.

Dependence on weight

Freight surcharges vary by package weight, from:

    • up to 10 kg
    • 10-20 kg
    • 20 – 30 kg
    • >30 kg flat rate freight charges

Cross-country surcharges


<10 kg

<20 kg

<30 kg

>30 kg

GER 7.95 € 9.95 € 11.95 € 38 €
BE, NL, LU, AT 17.95 € 22.95 € 27.95 € Only free pickup possible
DK, LI, CZ 20.95 € 27.95 € 33.95 € Only free pickup possible
CH 24.95 € 32.95 € 40.95 € Only free pickup possible
FR 22.95 € 29.95 € 35.95 € Only free pickup possible
GB 45.95 € 53.95 € 61.95 € Only free pickup possible
PL, HU, IT 24.95 € 31.95 € 38.95 € Only free pickup possible

Customs fees

    • Whether and what duties are levied on import depends on the value of the goods and the type of shipment. Value limits apply to both private and commercial recipients, regardless of whether the shipment is made under the Universal Postal Convention or by a courier or courier service provider.


    • Packaging costs are already included in the price.

On site pick up

    • If you decide for a pickup, this is free of charge for you. To do this, simply select “Pickup on site” as the shipping method in the shopping cart of the SPS store and your order will be made available for you after receipt of payment. The processing usually takes 1 to 2 working days. After that, your order will be ready for pickup for 7 days. We will inform you after the deployment.